Acupuncture with female infertility

Piya: 33 years old, a housewife in Maryland. She visited my office on 11/20/2010 and said she has had

infertility for 6 years. The doctor diagnosed her with endometriosis and PCOS(polycystic ovary

syndrome ). After 6 unsuccessful IUI(Intrauterine insemination) and 3 unsuccessful IVF(In vitro

fertilization ) treatments, she came to my office to seek help from acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

After 3 months of treatments, she got pregnant. Now she has a healthy baby boy and enjoys family life.


Acupuncture with recurrent miscarriages

Diana: 41 years old. She had PCOS and uterus surgery for correcting uterine abnormities. She has had 3

miscarriages from 2008 to 2009. In 2010, she tried 3 IUI and did not get pregnant. Her doctor suggested

to try IVF, she refused because she did not have problems with pregnancy, but did have the problem of

miscarriage. Due to the stressful process of IVF and IUI, she came to my office to try getting pregnant

naturally and avoid miscarriage using the acupuncture treatment on 05/05/2010 . After 3 months of

treatments, she got pregnant. To maintain a pregnancy, she kept acupuncture treatment bi-weekly for

4 months after she got pregnant. Now she has a healthy baby boy and has sent me boy's picture.


Acupuncture with male infertility (low sperm counts)

Jay: 36 years old. He first visited my office on 01/09/2010 and complained about infertility and stress

for 3 years. His sperm counts is low about 6-12 millions/ml(the normal range is 20-100 million per ml of

semen). The sperm shape and mobility is normal and his testicular biopsy is normal too.

He hesitated to come to my office to try acupuncture and herbal treatments at first. Due to her wife's

insistence, he came. I have given him acupuncture weekly and herbal tea every day. After 4 months, his

doctor collected his sperm and found the sperm counts have increased, and was enough to do IVF

procedure. He bought donated sperm before the IVF procedure, then he returned it. His wife got

pregnant after that and now they have a wonderful baby son.


Acupuncture for Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD

Helen: 10 years old. She visited my office on 11/12/2011. She has had Tourette's Syndrome (TS) and

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for 3 years. Her major symptom was slapping her face

by herself and a long squeak sound from her throat. These symptoms occur about 70 episodes per day,

which affects her school life and other students, and also embarrasses her. Her symptoms gets worse

when she is under stress or anxiety. Her neurologist prescribed Risperidone and Topomax, which helped

her a little. After 15 sessions of acupuncture treatments, her symptoms of TS had improved about 80%.

Some days, she does not have those symptoms at all. Right now, she still has acupuncture treatments

biweekly for maintenance . Her parents are very happy about the her daughter's improvement.