Dr. Sun's holistic approach to pain management, her medical knowledge and skillful combination

of acupuncture and natural herbs, has significantly reduced the constant pain in my lower

back and leg after many years of traditional drug and physical therapy. As an added benefit,

I am less stressed and much more energetic throughout the work day.

                                                                                                            ---Mr. Nii

I had been through physical therapy and done exercises at home for months, but my lower back

and shoulder pain were constant. Jenny's treatments reduced the pain in a matter of weeks,

and after two months, I was pain free most of the time. She also helped me strengthen my

immune system and I no longer get chronic respiratory infections.

                                                                                                            ---Mrs. Betsy

I have had chronic food allergies for years. In the past two years, I used antibiotics twice a

month to reduce my symptoms. As a result, my immune system was weakened. After Dr. Sun's

treatment, my allergy symtoms has dramatically improved, and I feel more energetic. Dr. Sun

really researches what is wrong with you and makes it her duty to help you. She is a miracle


                                                                                                            ---Mr. Joseph